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Car Backup Cameras

Did you ever want to have a backup camera for your car, and either you have an old reliable car without one, or you are buying a new car where the option for a backup camera is part of a "tech package" that costs $3,000? Don't want to have wires everywhere leading to a small display clamped onto your dash like a GPS nightmare? Some aftermarket do-it-yourself kits have a replacement rear view mirror that doubles as a display monitor for your backup camera! Check out Amazon's buying guide for a list of aftermarket cameras including some with the mirror trick!

Amazon #AmazonCart# hashtag for Twitter

Interesting idea; check it out; first, an <iframe>:

Now some javascript:

QR Code Generator

The website has a utility to generate QR codes such as QR Code Example. They also have a Firefox add-in to quickly generate a QR Code for the current web page you are browsing via Firefox.